2 Minute Speech On If I Had A Superpower In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on if I had a superpower. From my perspective, I would want to be able to fly and be invisible. I would want to fly and make the world free from crimes and all the things that can harm the Earth’s peaceful and calm environment. I love Earth because it is our mother Earth. It is our duty to save the earth. So, I can bring about peace. I must be able to fly as fast to solve all problems. I would use my superpowers to help people who are in trouble. I would go to someone in trouble and offer my assistance. I want to see every person be happy in their life. So, this superpower idea can change the whole world for the better. 

Most of our problems stem from the breakdown of harmony and serenity in different spheres of our lives. Prior to the realization of power and greed, people knew how to live in peace and harmony with the environment. 

I could use my superpower to promote harmony and peace. Not just in society, but also in people’s minds, there should be peace and harmony. Thus, everything culminates in society’s peace and harmony. Today’s society requires appropriate care. It is ailing from issues like terrorism and riots. People can contribute to improving the world if they have peace of mind. The world simply needs to be a peaceful place right now. to enable it to live independently. Thank you.