2 Minute Speech On Hurricanes In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on hurricanes. Hurricanes could be regarded as one of nature’s most potent forces because they have the ability to wreak a great deal of devastation in a short period of time. A hurricane is a 200- to 300-mile-diameter whirling storm of strong winds. Hurricanes occur over a region of low pressure that develops over tropical oceans, either in the northern Atlantic Ocean or the northernmost Pacific Ocean. Typhoons are the name given to hurricanes in the western Pacific Ocean, while cyclones are the name given to them in the Indian Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean, a region of low pressure that develops over the ocean, is the primary source of hurricanes. The eye of the storm, which is a quiet area with a diameter of roughly 20 miles with little wind and cloud cover, is where the winds spiral. The majority of the strongest rain falls inside the wall clouds, which are the storm clouds around the hurricane’s eye. On each side of the equator, hurricanes often begin in latitudes 5 to 30 degrees north or south. The hurricane’s eye moves over the land at a speed of 10 to 15 miles per hour on average. Because hurricanes require the warm sea to provide energy to them through evaporation, the storm becomes weaker as it crosses land.

One of nature’s most potent weapons is the hurricane. A hurricane produces an average of 1.6X 1013 kilowatt hours in a day, which is 8000 times more energy than the whole amount of electricity produced in the US in a single day. This is the same as 500000 20-kiloton atomic bomb explosions occurring every day. Thank you.