2 Minute Speech On Hope In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on hope. Strong desires for certain outcomes are a defining feature of the feeling of hope. Humans are motivated to accomplish their goals with a sense of hope. For them to work for it, it gives them a sense of purpose. Not only is it the desire for good things, but also the resolve to make good things happen despite the many obstacles in the road.

This is also referred to as optimism, which gives you the ability to establish objectives and accomplish them. From person to person, hope can differ. Either intrinsic or extrinsic motivation is possible. While intrinsic hope comes from within, extrinsic hope comes from people who support a person in achieving their goals by offering incentives like money or recognition.

Hope is essential to our existence because it fuels our desire to accomplish goals we believe would bring us happiness. Additionally, it gives one the willpower to persevere through challenging circumstances.

For example, if you were sick and bedridden, you wouldn’t want to do anything with your life; however, if you had hope, you would be inspired to get up and do something. Because hope is a wish for things to happen rather than an acceptance of how things are, it gives you more motivation to live your life the way you want.

If people lost faith in human decency and goodwill, many would perish, but those who still had faith would make every effort, no matter how modest, to improve the world. Hope also keeps people going during difficult times, which is crucial because humans need to become stronger as they encounter various difficulties. Thank you.