2 Minute Speech On Hockey In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on hockey. India’s national sport is hockey. It is also a well-liked and fascinating game that is played in many different nations. Each team must abide by the game’s various rules in order for it to be played fairly. This game is played in many different variations all around the world. However, everywhere follows the same fundamental guidelines. India’s track record is quite good if we are talking about it. India has won numerous consecutive games and six Olympic gold medals.

It’s a long-running tradition in India to play this antiquated game. Additionally, a stick and a ball are always used to play the game. It was played in Ireland before 1272 BC, and in ancient Greece during the year 600 BC. The sport known as ice hockey, field hockey, street hockey, sled hockey, and roller hockey has numerous variants all throughout the world.

Given that India has designated it as its national sport, the game is quite significant there. Additionally, India has a long and richly established tradition in sports. Additionally, it is the oldest game that is known to have existed in India, and the nation has produced many outstanding players.

In conclusion, although it has never been formally acknowledged, hockey is India’s national sport. But if we reinstate hockey’s Golden Age, we can formally announce this. Government backing for our hockey club is currently lacking, but with our help, they can restore hockey’s heyday. Thank you.