2 Minute Speech On Hard Work Or Smart Work In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on hard work or smart work. The real story is more complicated than simply being smart or working smart. The fact is that in order to succeed, you must put in both smart and hard work. Making the proper decisions and maintaining a structured work environment are key components of smart work. Your vision and ideas come to fruition as a result of your labor. Working hard and being smart are not mutually exclusive. You may learn to use your time more effectively by doing smart work.

Smart work will undoubtedly give you the luxury of not working as hard as you otherwise would if you are satisfied with your current level of accomplishment. Smart work alone won’t truly help you, though, if you want to succeed to the highest level in your chosen area.

Many people believe that much effort goes unappreciated. They hold the opinion that you remain a drudge unless you are “smart” about letting others know that you are working hard. Hard work is said to be a form of drudgery. They are more concerned with demonstrating to the “boss” how hard they are working. They are concentrating in the wrong place.

To conclude, I firmly believe that hard work always attracts attention; perhaps not immediately, but ultimately everyone will notice it. And the benefits come naturally without your effort. Thank you.