2 Minute Speech On Failure In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on failure. Failure is a choice to accept the unavoidable. People who avoid setbacks grow to fear them and give up on learning throughout their lives. Giving yourself the chance to fail is a form of self-education. Failure frequently doesn’t get the respect it deserves. So many people have utilized the phrase to expand their thoughts after effectively grasping its meaning.

The word “failure” has been distorted to mean the opposite of success. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary describes failure as “a lack of success” or “omission of occurrence or performance”. Someone once said, “You learn more through failure than from achievement.” Do not let this discourage you since failure develops character.

Failure should be celebrated, not suppressed. According to a remark from Thomas Edison, “I haven’t failed 1,000 times. I’ve found a thousand effective techniques to avoid producing a light bulb”. This quotation not only supports the preceding one by stating that failure is not in any way inferior to success, but it also goes on to state that the two may overlap.

Failure should not be seen as a reason to give up but rather as an opportunity for learning. This is seen throughout the career of an artist who left school at 16 and was fired from a newspaper company for “lack of imagination” and “had no creative ideas.” The young man then went on to build one of the most renowned animations and production studios in the entire world. Walt Disney was his name. Thank you.