2 Minute Speech On Earth In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on Earth. The orbit that the earth travels in around the sun takes 364 days plus 6 hours to complete one rotation. As a result, we call it a year. The earth’s surface is made up of 30% land and 70% water. In the 24-hour period known as a solar day, the earth spins on its axis in addition to the rotation. While the globe is rotating, certain locations face the sun while others are shielded from it. The core, mantle, and crust are the three layers that make up the earth.

The outer layer with the rocks is the one on which we reside. In addition to humans, Earth is home to millions of other animals and plants. We must save the earth since it is the only planet where life is possible.

The effects of human activity on the world are quite hazardous. Because how the world is being harmed by human activity, there is no balance with nature. The current climate problem is a result of human activity. We must start taking seriously that climate change is worsening. It directly affects food, air, education, water, and other things.

In conclusion, Natural calamities and rising temperatures are both stark warning flags. In order to rescue the earth and leave a better planet for future generations, we must work together. More trees must be planted, and non-biodegradable materials must not be used. There is no Planet B, and we need to start acting as though there is. Thank you.