2 Minute Speech On Earth Day In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on Earth Day. Every year on April 22, people all across the world celebrate Earth Day. At the UNESCO convention in 1969, peace campaigner John McConnell proposed the notion of observing Earth Day. On this day, representatives from numerous nations take an oath to safeguard the environment and work toward a sustainable future. The renowned Paris Agreement was signed in 2016 by 120 nations, including the US, China, and others.

The only planet in our entire solar system with adequate air and water for supporting life is Earth. Our existence on Earth has been made as easy as possible by the abundance of resources it offers. We have everything we need on Earth, including clean drinking water, ample oxygen, suitable landforms, and a climate that supports life.

Promoting efforts to safeguard the Earth and its resources is the key reason for Earth Day celebrations around the world. Mother Earth is currently dealing with a number of environmental problems as a result of human beings’ self-centered needs. We, humans, are not only depleting the resources of Mother Earth but also damaging them in the process of taking them away.

All of the resources we obtain from the Earth will run out if we don’t protect it. While there is still time, we must take appropriate and efficient steps to ensure that these resources are available to future generations as well. Thank you.