2 Minute Speech On Children’s Day In English

Good morning to the teachers and students present, today I am going to talk about Children’s day. In honor of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our nation’s first prime minister,  this day is dedicated to children. After India was given its independence in 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru became our country’s first prime minister. During his 16-year rule, he consistently fought for children’s rights to safety, health, and education. In his formative years, he received private instruction from a tutor, and as a result, he came to appreciate the value of education and the positive effects it may provide.

Children loved him and referred to him as “Chacha Nehru” and “Chachaji” because they enjoyed spending time with him. He had a lofty goal for India, wanting to see it emerge as a global leader, and he was aware that this could only happen if the next generation was given the opportunity to dream freely, access to the necessities of life, and the right to protection and care from an early age.

He made sure to educate people with the same philosophy and encouraged parents and teachers to give their children wings to fly, dream the future they want to create, and allow room for mistakes and improvements as these qualities empower them to innovate and build a better nation. Among the basic rights of children, education and health were of the utmost importance. So let’s build a brighter tomorrow for everyone and let’s be the children that our country is proud of. Thank you.