2 Minute Speech On Aim In Life In English

Good morning everyone, I am here to speak about the aim in life. An objective is a purpose or goal, if we think about it broadly. For instance, as we grow older, our goals alter. A young person aspires to work as a doctor or an actor when they grow up. This implies that they strive to or have aspirations to be that.

It is reasonable to assume that one of the most crucial things in life is having a goal. It is one of the things that connects us. Every living thing has a goal in their existence of some kind. It is the same for everyone, whether you take a tiger who wants to hunt deer or a person who wants to get money and gain respect in life. 

To accomplish a larger goal, one must first create smaller ones. The procedure will be made simpler in this way. You may experience difficulties, but they are common, and you will learn how to deal with them.

A man without a goal is like a bird soaring aimlessly, according to a proverb. This implies that you require direction in your life if you want to succeed. A goal will therefore aid you in doing that. Your life will have meaning and purpose when you have goals.

It must also be clear that before setting an objective, one must ascertain one’s areas of interest. Because if you undertake something half-heartedly, you won’t succeed. Therefore, having a life goal will enable you to add discipline, effort, focus, and dedication to your daily activities. Thank you.