2 Minute Speech on Action Speaks Louder Than Words In English

A very cheerful good morning to the principal, all teachers, staff members, and students. A fresh day brings a fresh start and new hope. Over time, trust develops in those who do not speak much but conduct appropriately when necessary. People always believe those who actually accomplish something rather than just say they will. While talking may provide short-term gratification, only appropriate action can foster long-term respect and trust. 

Thus, the wise men employed this proverb appropriately to get individuals to communicate things they had previously comprehended but were unable to do so. The actual deciding factor in a word is action, which supports what you say you are going to do. According to Buddhist monk Sumangalo, doing nice activities in addition to speaking well of others can earn you respect.

When we talk about taking action, we always mean making sure that our attitudes, deeds, and conduct are such that we may appropriately refer to each action as a “Right Action.”

The saying “Action speaks louder than words” is from ancient times. No matter how skillfully we may strive to always speak in a positive way, we shall fail to conceal our true nature unless our acts are the same as our words. Good words should be accompanied by good deeds.

In conclusion, a strong personality makes life easier and more bearable; for this reason, act wisely and speak less. For every stage of your life, this is valid.