15 lines on My School in English

  1. I love my school. My school is my family. 
  2. It has a beautiful building painted in red and white. 
  3. It has a large playground.
  4. It has a big computer lab.
  5. My school has C.B.S.E. course. 
  6. It has classes from nursery to 12th standard. 
  7. We read books in the library.
  8. Our school has smart classes. 
  9. Our teachers are the best teachers. 
  10. My school give scholarship to talented students
  11. Every day we have assembly we pray to God.
  12. The teachers teach us the value of discipline.
  13. Our school focus on practical learning we have maths lab, science lab, etc.
  14. The school help the student to prepare for the future life.
  15. Every year our school win medals in interschool competition.