100 Words Paragraph On The Abacus In English

Prior to the introduction of computers, calculators, and even paper and pencil mathematics, the Abacus was mostly employed for number counting. Prior to the advent of the Abacus, individuals used their fingers and toes to perform mathematical computations. It is a device that uses sliding counters and a rod to compute or count. It was, after all, the world’s first calculator. It first appeared in Europe, China, and Russia.

The original Abacus was a shallow pan filled with sand so numbers could be readily erased when needed. Modern abacuses are composed of wood or plastic. It resembles a rectangular box made up of nine vertical rods laced with beads.

The Abacus is made of several hardwoods and is available in a variety of sizes. The frame is made up of a number of vertical poles on which many wooden beads can freely glide. A horizontal beam divides the frame into two portions, the top deck and the lower deck. Each rod is made up of beads that we can move up and down with our index and thumb fingers.