100 Words Paragraph On Climate Change In English

Climate change is the term used to describe any change in a region’s typical temperature or weather. Humans are experiencing more unwelcome rainfall, hotter summers, and harsher winters than ever as a result. The temperature may sharply increase as a result of climate change.

Climate change is making the planet’s environment worse. All life on the world will perish if global temperatures continue to rise in the future. On Earth, the equilibrium between life and the environment will be upset. The numerous flora and wildlife species will go extinct. Drought and flood disasters will be more frequent. Following the acceleration of industrialization and modernization, climate change became sensitive.

There are numerous reasons why the climate is rapidly changing. This transformation has been largely influenced by both natural and human influences. The burning of fossil fuels, car pollution, deforestation, animal rearing, etc. are a few examples of man-made activities that contribute to climate change. The primary cause of climate change is greenhouse gases. Natural disasters like volcanic eruptions and floods, among others, are to blame for causing climate change.