100 Words Paragraph On Birthday Party In English

Every year on the day of our birthdays, we all throw a party. My father always brings a large cake for my birthday. On the cake, we put candles. Each candle represents a year that has passed since my birth. There will be ten candles on my cake when I turn ten. Happy Birthday is written on the cake, which is produced especially for the event.

The cake’s candles are lighted when all of my pals arrive and we are ready to eat it. We have hidden aspirations. After the cake is sliced and the candles are extinguished, everyone receives a piece. Happy birthday to you, everyone says, and have some cake. Afterwards we have fun playing games.

In addition to the cake, we can consume sandwiches, desserts, and fruits. I do, however, prefer the porridge that my mother makes on these special occasions. In my gorgeous new clothing, I feel incredibly important. How I long for numerous birthdays each year!