100 Words Paragraph On Best Friend In English

My closest pal is Hamsa. Although we reside on different floors of the same apartment, he and I do. While my grandparents remain in the hamlet, his grandparents live with him. I initially saw Mohan at the park where we play cricket. He was a little reserved at first, but eventually he became more outgoing. We quickly grew close. Mohan attends a public school and is very proud of it. He divulges all of his information to me regarding his schoolmates and teachers.

He consistently tops the class on tests. He’s told me that he wants to work with the underprivileged as a doctor. I appreciate his dream and send him my best wishes.

Mohan and I take a stroll in the park after the show to talk about our day at school. We also enjoy talking about other topics. Mohan has taught me so many useful stuff.