100 Words Essay on Forgiveness in English

Forgiveness can mean different things to different people but in the psychological sense it means to go through a change of feeling and attitude in emotion that it is okay and that one is able to move on from an occurrence that was done intentionally or unintentionally that could have hurt a person. Forgiveness is important because in life, it is evident that one will come across another that would or may hurt that person. Through this, holding a grudge towards the person would do one no good even to one’s mental health. Therefore, it is through forgiveness that sets a person’s life free from the control of the person who has harmed you. Forgiveness is vital for all life’s journey and should be taught to children to let them grow into good human beings. One thing to keep in mind is that, forgiveness does not mean to forget, rather as much as it is difficult to forgive another that has done the harm, one learns courage and one learns from another mistake.