10 lines on My Garden in English for Students and Children

Ten important points on My Garden

  1. I have a small backyard garden in my home. 
  2. There are many flowers and fruit trees. 
  3. I along with my father water the plant daily. 
  4. I help my mother in gardening, she teaches me how to care for different plants.
  5. My favourite flower is rose. We have five different types of roses. 
  6. In our garden, there are five different varieties of mango trees.
  7. When we went to my Grandfather house I collected samples for him to plant in my beautiful garden. 
  8. We grow vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, chilli, etc.
  9. I play with my friend in the garden.
  10. Gardening is my hobby.

These ten lines give you an idea about my Garden. Students can use the ten points in essays, speeches and paragraph on Garden.