10 Lines Essay on Konark Sun Temple in English for Students

  1. The Sun Temple in Konark, India, is dedicated to the Hindu sun god Surya. 
  2. The Temple is one of the most ancient Hindu temples in India. 
  3. It was built by King Narasingha Deva 1 of the Eastern Ganga dynasty in the 13th century.
  4. It is built in the shape of a giant chariot with 24 wheels, being pulled by 7 horses.
  5. It is full of carvings that depict dharma, artha, kama and moksha.
  6. These carvings indicate the four significant pursuits of life. 
  7. The Sun Temple is the pinnacle of Hindu Orissan architecture l.
  8. It is unique in terms of its sculptural innovations and the quality of its carvings.
  9. The Konark Sun temple is one of the wonders of India.
  10. It is the grandest Sun temple in India and inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.