10 Lines Essay On Draupadi Murmu In English For Students

  1. Draupadi Murmu is the current President of Republic of India.
  2. She hails from the state of Orissa.
  3. Draupadi Murmu is the second woman president of India after Pratibha Singh Patel.
  4. Before entering politics, she had worked as a teacher for many years.
  5. She joined the BJP in 1997.
  6. She had also held the position of Governor of Jharkhand.
  7. She had served as an MLA in the Orissa state government as well as a member of parliament of India
  8. Draupadi Murmu had worked for the upliftment of the woman and poor during her tenure as the governor of Jharkhand.
  9. She had also received a prize for being the best legislator of Odisha’s legislative assembly.
  10. She has worked very hard for the tribal people of her area to enlighten them of their rights.