10 Lines Essay On Computer Mouse In English For Students

  1. A computer mouse is an input device.
  2. It is connected to a computer and helps navigate a computer. 
  3. It is used to point at icons, options, etc., and select them on the monitor screen based on the needs of the user while using a computer.
  4. Douglas Engelbart invented the first computer mouse in the 1960s. 
  5. A computer mouse consists of a small object with two buttons: the right button and the left button.
  6. These buttons are used to click and select items on a screen.
  7. A computer mouse also has a scroll wheel to scroll the page on the monitor. 
  8. The two main types of mouse are optical mouse and mechanical mouse. 
  9. The optical mouse uses an electronic eye to detect the movement of the mouse, while the mechanical mouse has a track ball to detect the movement.
  10. A computer mouse has inspired the invention of laptop touchpads, touch screens, head pointers, and joysticks.