1 Minute Speech on Wealth In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I will be giving a short speech on the topic of ‘Wealth’.

Google defines the term ‘wealth’ to be “an abundance of valuable possessions or money.” Wikipedia offers more insight into this. It states as follows: “Wealth is the abundance of valuable financial assets or physical possessions which can be converted into a form that can be used for transactions. This includes the core meaning as held in the originating Old English word weal, which is from an Indo-European word stem.”

Wealth could be of many types. Typically, one might assume that wealth only is fiscal or monetary and thus could only be in the form of money (cash or coins or bank accounts) or land or some real estate property.

However, true wealth can signify a lot of things that could provide one with happiness in a non-material way. They are Inner Wealth, Physical Wealth, Family and Social Wealth, Career Wealth, Economic Wealth, Circle of Genius, and Adventure Success.

Thank you.