1 Minute Speech on the Value of Time for Students in English

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, a wonderful morning to all of you. Today on this special occasion, I would like to speak some words on the topic- the Value of Time.

Time and tide wait for none. If we do not make the best use of time, we are destined to be doomed. We must act in time before it is too late, because certain moments can make or break a person’s life. Those who waste time repent when there is no remedy.

Every second in life is important. Seconds add up to minutes. hours, days and months. We should not waste time because life is short and uncertain. Instead, we should make the best use of the time available.

To conclude, we must know the value of time so we can make the best use of every moment in our lives! Thank you for listening to me so attentively.