1 Minute Speech on Rain In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I will be giving a short speech on the topic of rain.

Wikipedia states the following to define the term ‘rain’: “Rain is water droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapour and then fall under gravity. Rain is a major component of the water cycle and is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on the Earth.”

This, of course, is rather scientific and mechanical, isn’t it? Yes, rain is an important source of water required for our sustenance. But, in reality, rain has more artistic notions associated with it!

Even in literature, rain is associated with both positive and negative connotations alike. Rain could be gentle and romantic in one poem and dark, violent, and gloomy in another! There is a whole nursery rhyme attributed to rain that we are all accustomed to, in fact!

Rain, in general, however, is a welcome phenomenon, storms and unpleasant floods notwithstanding. Rain gives life. 

Thank you.