1 Minute Speech on Pros and Cons of Online Learning In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I will be giving a small speech on the topic of ‘Pros and Cons of Online Learning’. 

As is the case of anything done online nowadays, online learning also has its fair share of pros and cons. Allow me to cite what are the pros first.

One of the major pros of online learning that could be observed ever since the COVID-19 Global Pandemic is that it made learning possible at all! To pursue education from the comfort of one’s home without inculcating additional travelling and other charges is made possible only through online learning. Again, because it is virtual, getting relevant texts would also be easy and free. All in all, it is cost-efficient. 

Looking at the cons, whether or not significant learning is happening with online learning is questionable. Youngsters nowadays are prone to get distracted by other forms of social media presence online, which would be a major con. 

Thank you.