1 Minute Speech on Poverty In India In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I will be giving a short speech on the topic of poverty in India.

Britannica defines the term ‘poverty’ to be “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions.” Poverty thus is a universal implication.

India too has not been spared from the wrath of poverty. Being the developing country that we are, India too faces poverty as a major and difficult challenge to overcome. According to World Bank’s report in 2022, India is 10% poor.

According to the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2022, “around 415 million people in India climbed out of poverty between 2005-06 and 2019-21, with the incidence of poverty falling from 55 per cent to just over 16 per cent over this period.” This is a sure and steady sign towards the decline in poverty. 

Let us hope that in another decade, India will try to eradicate poverty fully!

Thank you.