1 Minute Speech on Cell Phones In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’m going to be making a small speech on the topic ‘Cell Phones’. 

Cell phones are what have today morphed to become mobile phones and smartphones. It used to be known as cellular phones or ‘CP’.

While the first telephone had been invented by Alexander Graham Bell, the first cell phone was made by Martin Cooper of Motorola on 3rd April 1973. There was no looking back for us after that.

What had been invented solely for the purpose of communicating long distance with ease is a thing of the past now. In fact, it had, ironically enough, become the least of our worries. From taking pictures to keeping alarms to listening to music, there is virtually nothing a smartphone cannot do. With new models of them coming every day, there is no stopping the progress of the human race.

Thank you!