1 Minute Speech On Cars In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’ll be talking about the topic ‘Cars’.

Cars are well-known land vehicles known for offering comfort during travel. They are four-wheeled and typically run on either petrol or diesel. Essential parts of a car include steering, headlights, brake, accelerator, and clutch. They also have other benefits such as A/Cs and Stereos. 

Cars can either be automatic or manually driven. Several popular brands of cars flood the market today, allowing consumers to have a wide variety of options.

Years ago, cars were a luxury not everyone could afford. Today, as cars are becoming increasingly affordable, it is impossible to travel by road and not see cars everywhere. Even if unable to buy a car, people are renting it just as easily. Taking the environment into concern, electric cars are also arising and coming into use nowadays. 

Thank you!