1 Minute Speech on Actions Speak Louder than Words

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, a wonderful morning to all of you. Today on this special occasion, I would like to speak some words on the topic- Actions Speak Louder than Words.

We often hear the proverb that actions speak louder than words. The phrase emphasises the importance of work over empty words. People might speak of big things, but the important part is whether they act on those words, whether their actions reflect their words.

Without proper action, words have no value. Therefore, if we truly mean something, we must do it, and not just express it in words. We can also understand other people’s characters by observing their actions rather than just their words, because actions are the true reflection of one’s character.

To conclude, we must always beware empty words and value action instead! Thank you for listening to me so attentively.