1 Minute Speech on 15th August In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. It is my honour to deliver this speech on this momentous occasion.

The 15th of August, for us Indians, is a no ordinary day. On this very day in the year 1947, India earned her hard-earned independence from the tyranny of the British. Every year since, this day is recognized as India’s Independence day. 

On this very day, colonialism and imperialism that shackled India were broken free by our fierce and patriotic freedom fighters. Be it Gandhi, Tilak, or Bose, each one of them had a crucial role in India attaining her freedom and being the way we know her to be.

Let us all use this opportunity to commemorate this day and celebrate the freedom they had earned for us through pain and struggle!

Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!!