Write An Letter To The Bank Manager For Not Maintaining Minimum Balance In English

Bank Manager,
SBI Bank, Magadi Road Branch
Near Magadi Road metro station,
Bengaluru- 454332

Subject: Letter to bank manager for not maintaining minimum balance

Good morning sir,
With the utmost respect, I would like to let you know that my name is Sneha S. I have had a savings account with account number XXXXX in your branch for the past five years.
I humbly submit that due to recent financial difficulties, I was unable to maintain the minimum bank balance for this month, and as a result, my account was debited 400 Rupees as a penalty for non-maintenance of minimum balance.

My account is under the PF, and the required minimum balance was maintained for the past three years. I was unable to maintain the amount for sincere reasons, so I kindly ask you to look into the situation and provide assistance. I will be very grateful for your kind assistance.

Yours sincerely,
Sneha S