Write An Application To The Registrar For Copy Of Death Record In English

The Registrar,
XXX University,

Subject: Application to local registrar for copy of death record

Good morning sir,

I am writing to get a copy of my mother’s death certificate in the name of Kumari Satya from you.

Respectfully, my name is Tarini Satyavach, and I live in Indira Nagara, Bengaluru. To release her pension money, I must submit a copy of her death certificate to the bank. The details of the original certificate are as follows.

Name: Kumari Satya.
Address: D no 12/23, Arjun Street, Indira Nagara, Bengaluru- 453345
Certificate Number : XXXX

As a result, I respectfully request that you provide me with a copy of the death certificate. I will be eternally grateful for your wonderful assistance.

Yours sincerely,
Tarini Satyavach