Write An Application To The Registrar For Copy Of Birth Record In English

The Registrar,
XXX University,

Subject: Application to local registrar for copy of birth record

Good evening sir,
I, Sourabh Kumar, am writing to beg that you please issue the Birth Certificate for my new-born baby boy, Pushpa. My son was born on February 11th at Janvi Hospital in Coimbatore, and we completed the Birth Certificate Registration form within 21 days of his birth.

I’m submitting this application to register my child and want an official birth certificate. With the application, I have submitted all of the hospital papers required in this context. I’ve included a copy of the paperwork and the hospital’s discharge slip with the application. Mr. Sourabh Kumar and Mrs. Sumati Kumar will be the parents’ names.

Yours sincerely,
Sourabh Kumar