Write An Application To The Principal For Extra Classes Of Maths In English

The Principal
Renuka Public School

Subject:- An application for extra classes of maths.

Respected Sir.

   I am writing to you to request for extra classes of Mathematics for the class of 10th. As you know, Mathematics is a subject that needs a lot of concentration and practice. The students of 10th standard are now in their final year of school, and they have to prepare for the board exams. Mathematics is a major part of these exams and extra classes will help the students to understand the subject better and score good marks.

The current course is not enough to prepare students for the board exams and extra classes will be a great help. I request you to please provide extra classes of Mathematics at least twice a week. I am sure that the extra classes will benefit the students and help them to understand the subject better and score good marks in the board exams. I have full faith in your sense of justice.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully
Roll no. 09