Write An Application To The Principal For Absence Without Notice In English

The Principal
Kardham Public School
Uttar Pradesh

Subject– An apology application for absence without notice.

Respected Sir,
Most humbly and respectfully, I am writing this letter to apologize for my absence from the class. I know that this can result in suspension or imposition of fine as I did not seek any prior permission but I had to do it due to some unforeseen circumstances. Now that everything is fine from my side, please accept this apology letter as I regret my actions very much.

I am also ready to pay any fine that the school’s rules book imposes on me. I assure you to seek permission before any absence from the school in future. Please accept this apology letter so that I can study with the best of my spirit. I have full faith in your sense of justice.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
Rakeeb Hassan