Write An Application To The Manager For The Post Of A Gas Attendant In English

The Manager,
Light Speed Station

Subject: Application for the post of a gas attendant

Respected Madam,

Most humbly, this is to bring to your kind notice that I, Alexa, would like to apply for the post of a gas attendant at your gas station, Light Speed Station. I have the required set of degrees needed for this job. I assure you that I will do a great job in uplifting the station’s name. I can speak both English and Hindi. I am strong-willed and determined. I am one to live by the clock and I promise to be always on time and do all my duties regularly.

I have an experience of 1 year. I am aware that my job requires me to fill fuel tanks and containers to the level specified by the customer, check and replenish air pressure in vehicle tyres, and oil and other vehicle fluid levels, wash vehicle windscreens and windows, and perform minor repair work to vehicles such as replacing tyres, light bulbs, and windscreen wiper blades.

I am willing to be sincere to partake in all the work handed to me and I assure you that I would not do anything that would cause any harm to the station’s name.

I will be obliged to you for accepting my leave application.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Alexa A