Write An Application To The Manager For The Post Of A Bakery Worker In English

The Manager,
Party Bakery

Subject: Application for post of a bakery worker

Respected Sir,

I would like to state that I would like to apply for the post of a bakery worker. I have seen advertisements posted in the newspaper and on social media. I have the required degrees. I am aware that my work requires me to prepare a workstation for baking, measure and weigh ingredients, and combine measured ingredients in mixers or blender, set oven temperatures and place items into ovens.

I am also well aware that my job requires me to be dedicated, sincere and hardworking. I have a certificate of an internship done for 2 years in Mumbai in a baking company as well.

I therefore, would kindly request you to accept my application

Thanking you

Yours truthfully,
Sunita A