Write An Application To The Manager For Loan Purpose In English

The Manager
Airtel Group Company
5th street, Bakers lane

Subject: Leave Application for loan purpose

I am writing this letter to seek permission to take leave for two consecutive days i.e. 15th and 16th of January as I have to go to Delhi to request a loan from the bank for opening a small business. This requires signing of various documents and personally meeting the bank manager. The process for this takes a lot of time and sometimes even days if we delay so I would like to get my work done at the earliest.

I have arranged all the necessary interviews with my friend and I assure you my absence won’t cause any harm or disturbance to the company.

Therefore I kindly request you to consider my reason and sanction me leave for which I shall be highly obliged to you.
Thanking You in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,
Deppa Singh
Employee of the Airtel Company.
5th street, Bakers lane

Date: 11/1/23