Write An Application To The Manager For A Commercial Stand In English

The Manager
DB Business Fair

Subject: Application for a Commercial Stand at DB Business Fair


I am writing this letter to apply for a commercial stand at your business fair. I came across a newspaper advertisement about the DB Business Fair where the organisers called for up and coming businesses, big or small, to set up their stands at the fair so they can gather investors. Thus, I would like to tell you about my company, Starlight Education.

In an extremely competitive world where the education system has become cutthroat and suffocating, Starlight Education strives to show students how fun studying can be. It has specialised online and offline sessions for students of class 1 through 10, and our specially trained and very competent tutors take them through their lessons in a fun and entertaining manner.

It has been proven through various studies how learning through interesting activities can stimulate a child’s mind and help them learn more than traditional education and rote learning. This is exactly the ideal that our company is following to educate its pupils and create a new generation of educated and knowledgeable minds.

We are planning to launch an app soon to reach out to a greater audience, and hope to find investors through the DB Business Fair. I hope you will let us set up a commercial stand to promote at the DB Business Fair. We would be forever grateful to you, since our business is at an extremely crucial point and needs more exposure. You will find us very reliable people to work with.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Amal Pandey
PR Department
Starlight Education