Write An Application To The Headmaster For Common Room Facilities In English

The headmaster
Apple Valley School
Abadan Street

Sub: application for common room facilities

With all due respect and honor, I, Sam A, head teacher, would like to bring the matter to your attention that there is a need for more appropriate facilities in the common room for the school. The fan in the common room is no longer functioning, the carpets are in dire need to be change and the switches are also causing some problems which can be dangerous to one’s life.

I have inquired about the prices around the market if ever there were to be replaced. The total expenditure will be 20,700. All teachers along with the student leaders are ready to put in immense effort for this work.

I, therefore, kindly request you to grant me this application for which I shall remain ever grateful.

Thank you

Yours obediently
Sam A
Head Teacher
Apple Valley School
Abadan Street