Write An Application To Police For Theft In English

Police of Magadi Road 
Magadi Road Traffic police station,
Near Magadi Road metro station,
Bengaluru- 454332

Subject: Application to police for theft

Good afternoon sir,

My name is Kumari Kanya, a doctor in Kantira Hospitals, Bangalore. I want to report the theft of my Hyundai automobile that happened yesterday. I was near the Bangalore mall, and I couldn’t park in its parking space because it was full. I parked on the road. After 30 minutes, I came back to see my car missing. Because of time constraints, I couldn’t file it the minute I found my vehicle missing. Please look into the situation as soon as possible because the car was brand new. If not, I’ll have to go via car insurance to get the money back. Please look into the case’s development and detail any fresh information. I promise complete cooperation on my part. For your information, I’ve included a copy of the complaint. I’m anticipating your prompt response.

Yours faithfully,
K Kumari Kanya