Write An Application To Electricity Department For Disconnection In English

Electrical Department,
Near Mahatma Gandhi metro station,
Bengaluru- 530440

Subject: Application to electricity department for disconnection

Good morning sir,
I’m writing to you to ask that you disconnect the energy at my residence in Magadi Road, Bengaluru. Since six months ago, we have lived in Kochi for around two years. We’ve been receiving a bill for using appropriate electricity.

I have gone to the residency office three to four times to ask them to turn off the energy because we are no longer residents. The house has been empty for six months. However, they refused to make accommodations for me and are now billing me on a monthly basis.

Please halt my temporary electrical supply as soon as possible in light of my request. You have my sincere gratitude for your help. I’m eagerly anticipating your next move. I have attached my residence’s address and my contact details.

Yours faithfully,
Rajesh J