Write a Letter to your friend for Financial Assistance in English

221B Baker Street
Westerham Heights
Delhi – 110001

20th May, 2023

Dear Caleb,
I am writing this to you for a favor. I have currently joined the Royal Global Institution for a student exchange program. As you are well aware that my parents are financially struggling and I take care of my education myself by doing small part time jobs, I would like to ask for your help to kindly be of financial assistance to me for this trip. The trip is next month and a person has to collect 90,000. I am in short of 30,000. I have been collecting and saving cash for this very program for a long time however, my father had an accident last week resulting to broken bones and I had to pay off the hospital bills as well. I would be more than grateful if you can kindly assist me financially. I will make sure I pay you back in two months time.
With love,

186 Fleet Street
Malabar Hill
Mumbai- 400005