Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Value Of Games And Sports In English

Mall Road,

5 January 2023

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you and your family in the best of health. I am also doing well on this side. I am writing this letter to tell you about the value of games and sports.

In my life, I have always felt like games and sports are given no value. Studies are something that is kept over them. I feel that sports and games have their importance alongside studies. Sports keep you in good shape.

Being physically fit is very important for maintaining a good lifestyle and sports can help, also being a fun option at the same time. Additionally, playing sports cultivate the strategic mind of an individual. It also helps in creating a feeling of sportsmanship in an individual. Apart from that, sports can be a good way to relax and blow off the tension in our lives.

What are your opinions on this topic? Until next time, take care!

Your friend,

Laiba C