Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Result Of Telling Lies In English

Friends Colony,

29 December 2022

Dear friend,

Hey! How are you doing? Thanks for your lovely wishes on my birthday. I am going to tell you about a sad incident in my life and the result of telling lies.

You know that I am not the brightest kid. I have a hard time learning things. But this time I had worked hard, and my parents were positive that I will get good marks in my exams. But when the result came out, I got a bad score. So I lied to my parents and told them that I scored well. But my teacher called my parents to complain about my result. I cannot tell you how ashamed I was in front of my parents. They scolded me, but when I explained to them, they told me to never lie to them again. All the time, I was more scared of my lies being found out than the bad result. I feel like the truth is always better than lies.

Take care!

Your friend,

Lavanya C