Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Calamity Condition Of Our Country In English

Medical Road,

5 December 2022

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you and your family in the best of health. I am also doing well on this side. I am going to tell you more about my country and write about the calamity conditions of India. As India is a large country, there is a huge number of casualties that occur due to natural calamities. Landslides occur in almost all of the hilly regions in India and especially during the rainy season. Another very common calamity in India are the floods that occur almost every year in areas such as Bihar and West Bengal as well as the NorthEast region. The coastal area of India is affected by cyclones often. These are some calamities that happen in my country. It can be also considered a lucky country in the sense that there is only one active volcano in the country and that is also not on the mainland.

What are the calamity conditions on your side? 

Your friend,
Abhishek C