Write A Letter To Your Friend About The Bad Effects Of Facebook In English

‘Lekshmi’ Srisailam Gardens 
Kanak Street 


Dear Haritha,

How are you? We are doing well here. What else is happening in school? In my school, I gave a PowerPoint presentation as part of a programme arranged by the IT club. The topic was “Bad Effects of Facebook.” I would like to share some points I highlighted in my presentation. We all actively use Facebook, and we enjoy using it. But we are unaware of its bad effects if not used wisely. Facebook is a social media platform that allows us to interact virtually with millions of people we have never met in person. In this type of communication, if the user is careless, it can lead to a scam. Another bad effect of Facebook is that it reduces our offline communication and our interaction with the real world. This can have a serious effect on our communication skills. Facebook can make us isolated from the real world, and this can lead to depression and loss of sleep. Therefore, it is always wise to use Facebook with limits.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Devika F