Write A Letter To Your Friend About My Birthday Party In English

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Dear Kaithy,
How are you? We are doing well here. Again, February 17 is coming. I know very well that you all are planning a birthday surprise for me. But I have decided to do something different this time. I will be holding my birthday party on the night of February 17 at my house. All of you will be invited. I have many party ideas. There will be one difference: there will not be a birthday cake. We will be cooking noodles together and eating them.

I will be inviting only you guys. So don’t worry about our privacy unless any unexpected guests show up. We haven’t cooked anything together. When we join together and cook, it will be very fun. After eating, we can all watch a movie together. If you don’t like watching a movie, let’s switch to playing card games. And, after that, let’s all play music and dance to it. I want this to be the most hilarious birthday party ever.

Bye and take care
Your friend
Raghav F