Write A Letter To Your Friend About Mother Death In English

House No 24/4
Soorya Nagar


Dear Visakh,

How are you? I am not at all good. I don’t know whether you know or not, but a great tragedy occurred in my family. My mother passed away three days ago. She met with an accident on her way to work. The scooter she was riding got hit by a truck. Though she was rushed to the hospital, she succumbed to serious injuries after being hospitalised for two days.

I had hoped that she would come back healthy, but everything happened all of a sudden. Me, my father, and my brother are totally shattered. I’m not sure how we’ll cope with her passing. We have to move on with our lives, but I am not sure how that will be possible. My brother is fully shattered.

He has still not completely recovered from the shock. My father and I are trying to put our sorrows behind us and remain mentally strong. Grief is the most painful thing we could ever face.

Bye and take care
Your friend
Aiswarya F