Write A Letter To Your Friend About Dasara Festival In English

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Hey Riya,

How are you? I am back home after a long vacation. I went to Delhi because my aunt there had invited me and my family to celebrate Dasara with them. In our place, Dasara is known as Vijayadashami. Dussera is celebrated on the final day of the Navaratri celebration, which falls in the month of October. On the day of Dasara, people celebrate the victory of good over evil by burning an effigy of Ravan. There will be performances of “Ramaleela,” the Ramayana story in play form. I watched a performance played by the kids from my aunt’s neighborhood. I got to know the Ramayana story very well after watching the performance. There was a puja on the same day, to which many guests were invited. In the end, there were processions to the river, where people carried the idols of various Hindu gods. Dasara is celebrated in different ways in our country, bringing together our diversity.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Lekshmi F